How’s it going? I’m Rakia (w| the long “I” sound), an artist based in North Carolina. I’m currently a studio artist at The Art Lab where I have the pleasure to really focus on my creativity and learn myself as an artist. I have a BFA in Graphic Design but my output of work is mainly painting. I work heavily in acrylic, gouache, and digital art however I acknowledge that I am multifaceted in many ways!

While self healing through crystal work and many forms of meditation my goal with my creations is to grow through these practices and really work hard at evolving myself. And in this process I want my work to reflect that and embody this self love journey I’ve been on. I want to be more open in conversations to learn from others and find ways to share this journey with more like minded creatives.

I’m super grateful if you vibe with my art and support what I’m pushing out, that feeling will always warm my heart! Its greatly appreciated!

Peace & Love.

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